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Dead at 16? With Thomas Williams

After an unfulfilling first year, persistent unsteadiness and a neck injury that dealt the final blow, Williams left the NFL to build a largely successful career motivating and coaching others. He now gets paid to do what he loves most: talking.

Damaged Goods with Jose Flores

Like the singular protein that disrupts functionality in his body, Jose believes that a single disruptive episode in our lives can activate positive transformation. This podcast shares how Jose created a lifelong mission to inspire and change our power of perception.

Impacting Lives.
Influencing Business.
Changing The Narrative.

In Getting Undressed, the book that inspired this podcast, David Cooks describes his journey to independence and purpose, and how “getting undressed” for change can pose huge challenges, literally and figuratively.

A story of inspiration and motivation. David shares his struggles and successes on and off the court–with honesty, perseverance, and faith. David turned his tragedy into an incredible story of inspiration and hope.

About David Cooks

David is an author, speaker, voice talent, podcast host and management consultant. At the age of 15, David experienced a Spinal Aneurysm, leaving him a T-6 paraplegic.

His ability to overcome obstacles and to achieve success in the face of adversity is what makes his story inspiring and motivating to others.

“My favorite thing in life is helping people and organizations discover greatness from the unforeseen in life.”

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