Is Work-Life Balance Possible? with Ryan Estis

Have Fun.  Serve Others. Celebrate.

The post COVID workplace has changed, or has it?

As much as things change, things stay the same.  Everyone wants to maximize their time.   Being efficient on the job while enjoying life do NOT have to be mutually exclusive. 

Ryan Estis, author of “Prepare for Impact – Driving Growth and Serving Others through the Principles of Human-Centered Leadership’, is one of the most respected voices in the United States regarding Leadership, Team Building and Personal Development.

Estis is convinced that work and life can be and should be fun and enjoyed.  How to we make sure that happens?   Getting back to “the basics”, “the fundamentals”.   Work Burnout and Unhealthy Relationships can occur when we get away from the basics of honoring each other by giving grace and respect.  Intentionality Matters. 

Compassion. Action.  Sympathy. Empathy.

As a basketball coach (retired), I always wanted the players on my team to know their value to the team and to know that they are valued by me.  That was fundamental to establishing a culture of winning.

Estis discusses these fundamentals and more on today’s podcast.  

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