A Mother – Daughter Journey with Deb Mueller

A Mother-Daughter Journey with Deb Mueller

This is our second of three consecutive episodes focusing on mental health.

Parenting a child with mental health issues, provides its own set of parenting challenges that go beyond the “normal ones.”   On today’s episode of Paralysis to Purpose the Podcast, Deb Mueller, author of “Love Hard”, shares her journey as the mother of Mia, her daughter who struggles with mental health challenges.

Deb shares the importance of surrounding yourself with others who have similar experiences and can speak life into your circumstances. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.   The feeling of being alone or the only one is real and can have catastrophic effects if not addressed through support groups, spouse, family, etc.

Deb’s book, “Love Hard” is transparent and full of insights on how to navigate personally and collectively through the journey of raising a child with mental health challenges. “Love Hard” provides encouragement and instruction while increasing Mental Health awareness and support.

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