The Social Responsibility of Business with Jim Van Eerden

The ability to find clarity and purpose often arises from dark moments in our lives. For Jim Van Eerden, being kicked out of a successful company he co-founded with his family spurred a renewed outlook on life. The executive leader pivoted; abandoning the proverbial “hamster wheel” and focused on initiatives that result in a flourishing humanity. 

With an emphasis on harnessing the power of diversity, a healthier planet and population, and the need for businesses to heed customers’ real needs, he founded the Arbor Day Foundation and co-founded 5th Element.

In this podcast, Jim disperses nuggets on creating life-giving partnerships, appreciating the value of people and what they bring to organizations, and the role of balance even whilst on a successful trajectory. The husband and father of 11, business and social entrepreneur, film producer, and speaker also shares insights on the importance of the “Omni-model” to businesses and talks about “From Great to Good”, an upcoming co-authored book with John Stahl-Wert.

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