Ten Days That Changed My Life with Mark Resnick

Coping with an alzheimer-stricken parent is already a testing journey, let alone during the COVID-19 pandemic. For Mark Resnick, an entrepreneur, husband, father, author and sports-enthusiast, his early gift of journaling became an outlet to process his emotions. The podcast explores Mark’s book, “Ten Days with Dad- Finding purpose, passion, and peace during the darkest days of Alzheimer’s and COVID-19;” the culmination of Mark’s experiences during his father’s last days.

Mark chronicles his early days growing up in a single parent home, how his 7th Grade teacher nurtured his passion for writing, and the devastating discovery of his father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. He walks us through the everyday trepidations and joys during the time spent with his father as the pandemic worsened the distance between them both. Mark’s book captures lessons learnt through 10 commandments, including a simple yet powerful rule, “Always give more.” 

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