Get Off the Couch with Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

She’s living proof that the human spirit is unconquerable. Double-amputee Tracy Schmitt has defied all odds by not only living a normal life- she’s hit some of the greatest milestones known to mankind- she’s a Paralympian, television and podcast host of “Unstoppable You”, an inductee in Canada’s Disability Hall of Fame, and has even climbed the Himalayas in Nepal! Tracy credits much of her independence and attitude to her mother, whose tough love honed her independence at a tender age.

From her first day of elementary school where a doubtful principal almost snatched her dream, to finding playmates in her neighborhood, Tracy’s life had no room for excuses. This mindset prepped her for corporate leadership roles including navigating difficult conversations with striking airline workers and taxi drivers. Tracy’s authenticity, charm, and zest for life are all evident in her conversation with David Cooks.

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