More Than A Preacher With Mario J Radford

“Gratitude will open more doors for you than a resume will”

What does it mean to embrace our “unique design?”

Mario J Radford is a pastor, musician, speaker, actor, author of a children’s book “What If?”, Musical Director of the Kentucky State University Ensemble, and a podcast host.

A multifaceted genius, Mario shares an early lesson learned on ‘mimicking limitations’, a reference to learning to play the piano from his grandfather, a stroke survivor who lost full use of his fingers. Mario also shares his own missteps including expulsion from school due to failing grades, the struggles of synchronizing his singing and musician skills, and the importance of using someone else’s bigger picture as “ an introduction to what we can become.”

In this podcast, he also shares a defining moment in his life- delivering a speech titled “The power of Now ” at Kentucky State University, and the role of gratitude in opening doors.

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