Navigating Through Life with an Invisible Disability

Her story uniquely connects former US President Barack Obama, opera singing, a civil war, and a non-verbal learning disability. Annie Homsy-Harris started singing her words at 18 months. With an evolving learning disability, music became an outlet of expression.  Annie’s ensuing opera career was inspired by her grandfather’s groundbreaking role as the first Syrian to perform with the Travelling Metropolitan Opera Company. 

However, her learning disabilities haunted her throughout her academic journey. Annie had to reacquaint herself with basic concepts every day. She toiled, eventually making it all the way to the entrance of an MBA Program. With more obstacles for non-verbal disability learners, Annie morphed her frustration into a call for legislative change to remove barriers for learners like herself.  Her efforts attracted a gratitude letter from the former US President.

Annie’s podcast also features her pivot to becoming project manager at the Financial Tech firm, and how she converted her ancestor’s journal into a book, “Grandfather’s Civil War Story.” 

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