A Second Opinion : There is Hope and Healing with Dr. Kyle Daigle

You will NEVER walk again.

You will NEVER do that or that again.

For many who have experienced a traumatic event (i.e. Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury), the above statements are often the prognosis, leaving them without hope.  Thanks to Dr. Kyle Daigle, the narrative is changing.

“For people who refuse to accept NEVER as an answer”, Dr. Kyle Daigle uses an innovative approach to neurological recovery with Laser Therapy, Primitive reflexing and Nerve Stimulation.  He is passionate and committed to restore health against all odds.

Dr. Daigle, a former college baseball player, was introduced to service on the playgrounds of St. Charles, Louisiana by his mother, a teacher who overcame her disabilities to work with children with Down Syndrome.  After school, his mother would bring some of her students to the local playground and Kyle and his brother would play with them.  A simple activity that shaped Dr. Daigle’s belief in the dignity of every person he encounters, and if possible make their lives better.

His story to becoming the Co-Founder of NeuroSolution and one of the top Chiropractors in his field, (in the world) is a remarkable story.  On his journey, Dr. Daigle intentionally involves his Wife and children in everything he does. Nothing, outside of his faith in Christ, is more important than his family. 

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