From Iran to the U.S. : Escaping War to Saving Lives with Dr. Amir Rashidian

Born in Iran, Dr. Amir Rashidian witnessed firsthand the atrocities of war. The Iranian government was overthrown. Iran became the Islamic Republic of Iran and the world as he knew it changed. He was 6-years old when Saddam Hussein’s Iraq invaded Iran and thus began the air-raids and bombings.

Amir’s father wanted to bring his family to America. Every summer Amir’s father would take their family to a different European country with the hopes of obtaining a visa to the United States. Each time they met rejection and had to return home. Finally, at age 11, Amir’s family was given permission to enter the United States of America. In August of 1985, Amir and his mother landed in Los Angeles with two suitcases and $500.

Before leaving Iran, Amir’s dad wanted to teach him about poverty and life in the underprivileged regions of Iran. It was here that Dr Amir Rashidian decided to become a doctor, to save lives and prevent unnecessary death he witnessed in the village. Specifically, a young pregnant woman die in her husband arm, because there were no Doctors there.

Dr. Amir’s journey to fulfilling his childhood declaration contains many twists and turns. On this episode of Paralysis to Purpose, he candidly shares the obstacles and the victories he experienced along the way, including battling deep depression and suicidal thoughts to becoming a follower of Jesus Christ.

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