A Trailblazer on Ice – Anthony Walsh, J.D.

The story of an adopted black hockey player!

Being adopted can be an uncomfortable conversation, but not for Anthony Walsh, JD , author of the children’s book “Hockey is for Everybody.” Raised in Minnesota, Anthony was introduced to Hockey at a young age by his adopted parents. (“Mom & Dad”). When asked about his experience growing up as an adopted child, he is glowingly states he is grateful for being raised in a loving, nurturing and progressive family.

However, as the only African-American and adopted player on his hockey teams, hearing teammates talk about their parents, grandparents, etc., Anthony wanted to know who he was, where he was from…his biological family. He wanted to be able to give an answer to the Doctor when asked about his “family medical history”.

Anthony’s journey of self -discovery took years but ended with him finding his biological family before going to law School. He found the missing piece and missing peace in his life. A bonus was learning he was related to the great Marvin Gaye.

Anthony, an attorney in Minnesota, is proud to be the product of a “blended family.” He has embraced all aspects of his life experiences and continues to use Hockey as a platform for change.

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