When Shift Happens – Kenneth Lock II

Sometimes even when you are doing your best, things don’t work out.  Things conclude.  It’s ok to begin again.”– Kenneth Lock II

Transparent. Real. Unedited.

Kenneth Lock II, author of the book “Shift Happens” , Pastor of Evolve Church and  Chaplain for The Milwaukee Bucks is no stranger to the changes, “the shifts” life can bring.  In this episode of Paralysis to Purpose the Podcast, we discuss the pain of a DIVORCE and the process of healing from a broken heart.  Among other things, we also discuss how being  diagnosed with MENINGITIS and given 48 hours to live changed his perspective on LIFE.  

Gratitude is a lifestyle for Pastor Kenneth Lock Ii.  And for him giving to others is an expression of gratitude. The consummate servant, Pastor Lock is passionate about making a difference in the lives of whoever he encounters:  eager to share the principles he has used to navigate the muddy waters of life.

In his book “Shift Happens”, Lock helps help others find renewed Purpose, Gratitude and Love after heartbreak.

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