Back on the Stage with Oleathia “Butta B Rocka” Robinson

A globetrotting songstress and serial entrepreneur, Oleathia “Butta B Rocka” Robinson has converted every obstacle into a successful venture. At the age of 4, the Legendary Diana Ross ignited Oleathia’s dream to sing. Her teen years were dotted with disappointing performances, but “Butta B Rocka” never backed down. Her efforts paid off in a big way.

Oleathia’s career catapulted her to different corners of the world including performances alongside Hollywood’s legends. However, a leg injury surfaced that jeopardized her future. Oleathia shares with listeners how she navigated a difficult road to recovery, channeled her divorce misery into a Marketing and PR degree, and authored a bestselling book, “Fear of Failure.” Oleathia also gushes about her sons’ business ventures, her children’s book “The Adventures in Butta Butta land,” and future plans in the film industry.–Paralysis-to-Purpose-Podcast-S03E2-e1chde6

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