No Longer an Orphan with Catherine Namwezi

Catherine Namwezi’s world was upended at the age of 15. Walking a tightrope, she juggled parenting her younger siblings and chasing after an education in rural Uganda.

With the support of her teachers, Catherine secured a scholarship to the International School of Uganda in Kampala. She was struck by the enormity of life outside of her village, and it is there that Catherine’s trajectory forever changed when she was introduced to Drs. Jim and Yuka Campbell (“Mom and Dad”) from the United States.

Catherine’s thirst for education led her to Hope College in Holland, Michigan where she studied Political Science and International Studies, and then to Oxford University, where she obtained a master’s in Development Studies — equipping her to do the work that drives her purpose.

No longer an orphan, Catherine is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in rural communities in Africa. She is currently located in Kenya where she is working towards that goal.

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