I Lost My Soul with Charmeachealle ‘Mike’ Moore

Charmeachealle ‘Mike’ Moore was captivated by football early in life. With the sport running through his family’s veins, Mike hankered for NFL glory. Mediocre academic performance and a competitive athletic culture at the Skyline High School forced Mike to go into overdrive, landing him a football scholarship with Kansas State University. 

A slew of extreme highs and lows ensued in rapid succession. He successfully fended off a brain tumor, completed his Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and Human Services in two years, became a father, and got married. However, the sudden loss of his own father,  back surgery and divorce dealt severe blows to Mike, who was now on the cusp of the NFL. Suicidal thoughts and alcoholism introduced forceful darkness in his life. Mike’s young daughter’s words helped him claw his way back to life, leading to his ultimate decision to relinquish football and start a new purposeful mission, “We Living” and relinquished his football quest. 

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