I Build Bridges: Purposeful Hustle with Deanna Singh

Deanna Singh is an ambassador of cultural fusion. Born to a Sikh father and African-American mother, Deanna learned the art of “bridge-building” by watching an unlikely pairing successfully navigate marriage and forge new communal bonds. With education as her family’s biggest priority, Deanna broke new ground by being the first in her extended family to attend college, receiving a bachelor’s degree, a Juris Doctorate and an MBA.

Serving others and giving back are priorities for Deanna, which she discovered as an undergraduate student and led her on the journey of advocacy for the voiceless.  “Education is all around us, especially on the streets.” — Deanna Singh

Deanna continues to impact people and organizations around the world as a Speaker, an Author, and a Consultant. Her journey, including working with and for her 9- and 12-year-old children authors, is noteworthy and inspiring.

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