Responding to Hate with Pardeep Kaleka | Un-hating: Sikh Meets Ex-Skinhead Part 1/2

Pardeep Kaleka is the embodiment of infinite fortitude and wisdom. The horrendous mass shooting of August 5, 2012 by a white supremacist snuffed the life of Pardeep’s own father at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, US. His unconventional response to this vile attack was rooted in his faith and willpower to heal as an individual and a community.

The trauma clinician, co-author of “The Gift of Our Wounds,” Executive Director of Interfaith Conference, speaker and global peacemaker is widely respected for his outreach to Arno Michaelis, a former skinhead. Pardeep’s fascinating story presents an eclectic mix of perspectives on self-healing, the injustices of minority communities in the US, the importance of acknowledging truth before reconciliation, the role of the village in raising a child, and his motherland of India. If you’d like to learn more about lovingly challenging yourself, then this is indeed the podcast for you!

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