Am I Damaged Goods? With Jose Flores

This best-selling author, CEO and “Mindset Disruptor” had a simple dream on his high school Graduation day — to walk across the ‘big stage’ without falling. Jose Flores’ diagnosis of survival motor neuron (SMN) deficiency once paralysed his self-esteem and ability to envision success. Stumbling in front of almost 3500 people on his graduation day became a turning point in his life as the coveted speaker and consultant on mind management preaches a message on the “Power of One.”

Like the singular protein that disrupts functionality in his body, Jose believes that a single disruptive episode in our lives can activate positive transformation. This podcast shares how Jose created a lifelong mission to inspire and change our power of perception.

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  1. Every young person should listen to this conversation with David Cook and Jose Flores. They are truly inspiring individuals!

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