A Coach’s Purpose with David Bentley

David Bentley’s zest for life towers over his dwarfism. Fearless and resilient, his early life was defined by basketball and football ambitions. However, High School made his disability visible as able-bodied peers changed David’s game. He swiftly pivoted, becoming a Basketball Manager in a decision that forever changed his life.

With a dysfunctional family and tight resources, David accepted an offer to the Christian faith-based Anderson University. College parties quickly stole his attention, but those assigned to his success steered him back to the straight path. The Basketball Manager saw his University’s team hit major basketball milestones, but this success was juxtaposed with congenital stenosis. The aftermath of his spinal surgery introduced David to life in a wheelchair, but the Assistant Coach of Hargrave Military Academy and Upward Stars (summer program) is determined to soar to new heights. His eyes are now fixated on his next goal- coaching at the college level or the NBA. 

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