The Odd Couple with Johnny Bridgewater and Keith Kahfeldt

The success story of team “Ke-onny” spotlights how our differences can become our greatest asset. Johnny Bridgewater’s upbringing was defined by his expulsion from Milwaukee Public Schools, an urge to get into fights,  and the cycle of teenage parenthood. At 18, his son entered the world and kickstarted a long, arduous journey to his present career. From parks to garage gyms, Johnny built his dream- Bridgewater Performance, a sports enhancement facility that serves a spectrum of athletes from middle school students to elite athletes. 

His business partner Keith Kahfeldt hailed from the idyllic suburban life. After graduating with a Communications degree from Concordia University, Keith was beckoned by the sport training world. With no experience, he reset his professional path by cleaning gyms and studying the habits of trainers. Keith was introduced to Johnny, and their partnership was instantly magical. The two become founders and co-owners of Elite Training MKE in Wisconsin. Both Johnny and Keith share insights into their successful partnership, the lessons they learn from each other, and the importance of service to their communities. 

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