Playing Michael Jordan One-On-One with Eric Barber

Eric Barber’s insatiable quest for excellence pervades all aspects of his life. As a scoliosis-stricken boy from Chicago, his nurturing mother and cousins ensured his active participation in society. At the age of 9, he began etching his mark in the wheelchair basketball world when his gift was spotted and refined. A relentless Eric pursued his dream of meeting the legendary Michael Jordan, scoring a coveted opportunity to play one-on-one wheelchair basketball with the greatest of all time. Eric won.

Eric takes us into the psyche of someone transitioning from average to extraordinary. His zest for knowledge prospered alongside his sharpened basketball skills. He accepted constructive criticism and pushed himself to ‘attack life’ with unrestrained ardor. Barber eventually joined the ranks of Paralympians with four Olympic Games under his belt. Despite his career success in Human Resources and Doctoral candidacy, Eric lives with gratitude, humility, and an infinite passion for life.

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