I Turned 40 in Rehab with Spence Checketts

Beneath the layers of success as a veteran sports analyst and Radio Host of “The Drive” on ESPN 700, Spencer Checketts had a turbulent past. Son of the iconic Dave Checketts, Former President of the Utah Jazz and New York Knicks, Spencer was exposed to all levels of the basketball world.

His idyllic life began imploding at 25 when the husband, father of one and successful sports radio analyst discovered a brain tumor. His long road to recovery was quickly followed by another major blow-divorce. 

His life was suddenly reduced to being a single father in a lonesome apartment. Spencer, who rejected the faith he was raised on, struggled to find spirituality and turned to alcoholism. His addiction led to a DUI charge in 2018 that cost him everything, and Spencer opens up about his path to sobriety. He shares the many lessons learnt during his road to recovery and enlightenment, including how to master the mind and the need to understand and connect to something higher than ourselves. 

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