A Coach’s Purpose with David Bentley

David Bentley’s zest for life towers over his dwarfism. Fearless and resilient, his early life was defined by basketball and football ambitions. However, High School made his disability visible as able-bodied peers changed David’s game. He swiftly pivoted, becoming a Basketball Manager in a decision that forever changed his life.

Money and Wealth with Roslyn Weems

The 14th of 14 children, Roselyn Weems fended off poverty and homelessness to become a force in the financial world. In this podcast, Roslyn drops revelations on finding true wealth. She lives by the philosophy that “wealth is being rich in every area of your life.”

The Making of a Mentor with LaNelle Ramey

Milwaukee native LaNelle Ramey shares his family’s quest to break the cycle of poverty and the role mentors played in shaping his life. He recounts the peer mentoring circle that kept him on the straight path, and Tom, his high school teacher who steered him in the College direction.

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