Awakening The Genius Within with Paul Davis

Paralysis to Purpose travels to Ireland to speak with Paul Davis. Born with a unique gift of healing, as a child he undertook the task of healing others which carried over to his professional work as an adult, helping people and companies find their purpose. Paul takes us through his difficult journey of understanding his gift and his purpose.

Ten Days That Changed My Life with Mark Resnick

Coping with an Alzheimer-stricken parent is already a testing journey, let alone during the COVID-19 pandemic. The podcast explores Mark Resnick’s book, “Ten Days with Dad- Finding purpose, passion, and peace during the darkest days of Alzheimer’s and COVID-19;” the culmination of Mark’s experiences during his father’s last days

Learning to Live in Abundance with David Mansilla

David Mansilla migrated from South America to Canada with entrepreneurship coursing through his veins. Frustrated by an unchallenging corporate world, he started his own software business. His sacrifices and dedication led to 6-figure gains for his company. However, this came with a steep price. David’s personal life was disintegrating, and was saved by a heart attack at 40.

Keys to Personal Growth with Desiree Cocroft

Desiree wanted more out of life. The transformation coach was suppressing her own greatness, and reached out for mentoring herself. She wanted to apply her skills in a corporate setting, and achieved this through her new role as a Coaching Consultant with the Franklin Covey Leadership Company. But the story doesn’t end there….

Writing in Prison with Nate Johnson

Transformations like this are rare. Nate Johnson, a Former District Attorney and prosecutor left the legal world to go behind bars and teach inmates how to write. Nate gave up his practice and started the free-writers movement, He uses writing as an instrument of therapy to incarcerated persons. He is driven by the belief that “everyday there’s someone whose soul gets woken up by the things they put on paper.”

Navigating Through Life with an Invisible Disability

This week’s guest has a story that connects former US President Barack Obama, opera singing, a civil war, and a non-verbal learning disability. Annie Homsy-Harris was born with a learning disability, and music became an outlet of expression. Annie’s ensuing opera career was inspired by her grandfather’s groundbreaking role as the first Syrian to perform with the Travelling Metropolitan Opera Company.

Allowing for Your Wishes to Change with Tricia Roos

But beneath this success, Tricia was battling a tragic development known as Trisomy 18, threatening her second pregnancy. Coach Roos defied research and her doctor’s advice and brought her daughter Annabelle into this world. Her story explores a mother’s unfathomable hope and grief while navigating a high-risk pregnancy, and the supporting roles of her young son, husband, and volleyball community in lifting her spirits. Her daughter graced this earth for only six days, and Tricia channeled her gripping experience into a book, “When Wishes Change.”

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