Allowing for Your Wishes to Change with Tricia Roos

But beneath this success, Tricia was battling a tragic development known as Trisomy 18, threatening her second pregnancy. Coach Roos defied research and her doctor’s advice and brought her daughter Annabelle into this world. Her story explores a mother’s unfathomable hope and grief while navigating a high-risk pregnancy, and the supporting roles of her young son, husband, and volleyball community in lifting her spirits. Her daughter graced this earth for only six days, and Tricia channeled her gripping experience into a book, “When Wishes Change.”

Getting Lost in Something New with Jeannette Bayardelle

Born to first-generation immigrants from Haiti, Jeanette’s life was grounded in educational pursuits. For the Bronx native whose singing talents grew out of an African church, chasing the Broadway dream became inevitable after landing her first musical gig in high school.
She is currently starring on Broadway in the new Bob Dylan musical “Girl From the North Country” and has also starred in the acclaimed musicals “The Color Purple”, “Hair” and several Disney musicals.

Ready for The NBA and for The Moon with Jay Parker

For Jay Parker, playing in the NBA and going to the Moon are not out of the realm of possibility and continue to motivate his pursuit of them bot. Jay redirects his college setbacks to a successful sales career with Cutco knives, followed by a visionary commercial space travel project. He never relinquished his basketball dream; not even after a nerve-wrecking accident. Join along to find out more about his mission, #Iamnbaready (“I am NBA Ready”)!

Permanent Victory with Joe Delagrave

At 19, college football player Joe Delagrave walked with an air of invincibility. On June 10, 2004, a casual boating trip with friends along the Mississippi River quickly escalated into his worst nightmare- an accident that left him with a spinal cord injury. Now paralyzed, Joe’s mind was consumed with swirling questions about love, intimacy and adapting to everyday tasks.

With the intervention of his friends, Joe finally hit the ‘reset’ button. His unlikely encounter with wheelchair rugby sealed his fate, refueling his competitive appetite. A steady course saw Joe’s impressive rise to the 2008 US Men’s Paralympics team. Joe details his winding road to the 2012 Paralympics and 2018 World Championships, and how his identity became trapped in the sport. Joe realigned his priorities by shifting gears to a mentorship role. The US Rugby Wheelchair coach, speaker, Master’s graduate in Professional Counselling, husband and father of three also talks about finding “permanent victory” by planting seeds. 

I Lost My Soul with Charmeachealle ‘Mike’ Moore

Charmeachealle “Mike” Moore had fulfilled his dream of making it to the NFL, but along the way, he almost lost everything. Suicidal thoughts and alcoholism introduced forceful darkness in his life. Mike’s young daughter’s words helped him claw his way back to life, leading to his ultimate decision to relinquish football and start a new purposeful mission, “We Living.” Listen to see how a Brain Tumor, Death and Divorce provided a wake-up call for Mike to pursuit something greater than the NFL.

Back on the Stage with Oleathia “Butta B Rocka” Robinson

This week’s guest is a globetrotting songstress and a trailblazing entrepreneur. Oleathia “Butta B Rocka” Robinson’s career has taken her around the world and includes performing alongside Hollywood legends. However, her journey has not been without its’ challenges. Butta B Rocka, shares how she navigated through divorce, a serious knee injury, the pandemic and personal loss to position herself for continued success in the future. She is much more than a singer.

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